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Phoenix Command is a role-playing game system that was published by Leading Edge Games in the 1980s and is copyrighted by Barry Nakazono and David McKenzie. This site is an unofficial resource and not affiliated with Leading Edge Games. It is a personal project built out of my own need to automate Phoenix Command game tasks and presented here, as-is and without warranty.

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Phoenix Command is essentially a realistic wound ballistics simulator created from the authors' computer models and presented as tabular data in book form. In addition to the ballistics data, there are dozens of supplemental rules and tables for simulating battlefield conditions. The authors state that each group of players should use only the rules that they feel comfortable with. For example, in your game you may decide a gunshot outside of a house gets the attention of the soldiers inside. Instead, you may decide to calculate Sound Detection Chance, factoring in weapon sound magnitude, range, listener attention, background noise, wind, and the thickness of the wall. Phoenix Command provides that level of detail only if you want it.

This site is an ongoing effort to provide tools for simplifying and speeding up basic Phoenix Command gameplay. There is enough here to generate characters, calculate chance to hit with example pistols, shotguns, explosives, and automatic rifles, then accurately calculate armor penetration and bodily damage. This is not an exhaustive resource of every Phoenix Command rule, but there should be enough here to do shoot a gun and resolve damage. Additional detail can be provided with the books.

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