Phoenix Command

This is a personal hobby project that is updated and developed as I have time and motivation. It is largely untested and the code undocumented and there are many features missing, so if you also love Phoenix Command and want to improve this project, feel free to submit an issue or better yet, a pull request! If you have questions, you can reach me on Keybase or Github

  • Firebird Character, the Github repo of the main application
  • Phoenix Functions, the Github repo of the standalone Phoenix Command data library upon which this site is built. Also on npm
  • Firebird Command, a hex-based implementation of the basic Phoenix Command game.

Phoenix Command was a role-playing game system published by Leading Edge Games, and copyrighted by Barry Nakazono and David McKenzie. The game had extremely detailed rules in an attempt to realistically simulate combat. The game utilized lookup tables which resolve injuries to specific digits, organs, and bones, and simulates the physics of different attacks, such as bullets with different velocities.

This web app is an ongoing project to provide online tools for simplifying and speeding up the Phoenix Command table lookup process. It allows the user to quickly generate characters with abilities and weapons, easily track in-game time in impulses, and provides a handy calculator for determining percent chance-to-hit as well as damage and recovery. What normally takes 15-20 minutes with the books now can be done in less than a minute.


Here are some of the sites that fueled by fascination with this game and helped motivate me

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Eukie's Phoenix Command retroclone development
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Phoenix Command Unofficial Support Page
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Currently, you must sign in with a Google account to access most of the tools. For a brief overview of this app, plase watch the video introduction.